History Of Sports Gaming In Portugal 

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Sports is a part of the European country of Portugal for as long as its people can remember, and so is gaming. Sports is a big deal here and is the most popular way of spending time for both adults and youth, whether it is local, online, or through Aposta esportiva aplicativos.

So in a country where both sports and gaming work well with the local populace, what is the logical next step? A great arena for sports gaming of course!

The history of sports gaming in Portugal is one worth reading, so let us get right into it!

History of sports gaming 

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Whether it is small-time games between friends, sports games have always taken the central stage in Portugal. For decades, sports was typically games between friends and small village tussles. The proliferation of sports led to attempts to legislate the same in 1961, with the charity foundation Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) permitted by the government to take over sports shops and the gaming arena, and organize them.

By 2015, with the passing of Decree-Law no.66, the government regulated the online gaming environment and allowed international operators a chance to compete in the sports market. The regulation meant that the local gaming shops, online websites, and Aposta esportiva aplicativos had to pay about 8-16% of their turnover as taxes, which made it difficult for local operators to function in a profit. They have to offer lower odds to keep up.

Hence the reason why Portuguese gamblers prefer international sports websites and venues is due to the higher odds offered and bigger bonuses to be won. Currently, there are only 11 bookies that are local which operate out of Portugal.

Portugal has a rich history of sports, which makes it an ideal market for international operators to start their businesses and find customers. There is no dearth of sports enthusiasts here.